Nov 30, 2012

glad tidings, great joy!

'tis the season, friends!  And to me, it is the best season musically.

I love Christmas music so much.  Yes, I was one of the ones sitting at my desk listening to it 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, smiling like a goon and looking starry-eyed into the yule-tide future.  Christmas music embodies the purest, happiest composition, vocal performance, style, and content.  It is a welcoming feast table that has stood strong and steady over time, with plenty of room for everyone to pull up a chair and eat their fill, or add they're own version of a popular dish.  The point being: it's a place for everyone.

I can't think of many other types of music I enjoy singing to than Christmas standards.  They're the good stuff, made up of little bits of jazz, torch, and croon. It can be big band, or it can be symphony. And I've been listening to the greatest of the greats this year.  Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como.  There is something especially welcoming and inclusive about their versions of Christmas songs.

This year, I'm so happy to just sit back and listen.  Soak up all the good stuff.  Listen to the greats, and enjoy the new dishes, too. Get a little taste of it all.  Sit on the couch with my husband, make good meals, decorate my home with warmth, prayers, and hard working love, have good conversations with my friends, and you know - smile a little, laugh a little, look up from my world and look someone else in the eyes.  Sometimes I can be so focused on having a voice and making it heard that I don't hear anything else around me.

Some newer Christmas music I've been enjoying this year:

Sufjan Stevens "Silver and Gold" - particularly "Justice Delivers Its Death" and "Christmas In the Room"

Sleeping At Last "Christmas Collection 2012" - particularly "Snow"

and some new/old ones I enjoy every year:

Joni Mitchell's "River"

Imogen Heap "Just For Now"

If you missed it last year, here's a version I recorded of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - and if you've been around a while, you might remember a version of "Merry Christmas, Darling."  I'll try to get that up here, too.  And maybe a little something new this year.  We'll see, but first things first - sitting back and listening!

Enjoy, y'all.  And Merry Christmas!



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Sep 25, 2012

a note to my pre-orders

to all my faithful and loving preorder friends,

be looking out for an email with your delightful, long-awaited gift with some extra little goodies inside.

thank you so much for your patience and encouragement!



Sep 22, 2012

nearly there

at the lake this weekend and the wind is blowing through the trees and across the water.  come on, autumn!

and all the masters are done!  taylor and jeff with maple studios have done just a phenomenal job.

the web page is coming together, and the closer i get to things wrapping up, the more i see that needs to be done.  praying that things stay simple, true, and beautiful.  working on a promo video, as well as a "making of" video.  can't wait to share.

Jul 19, 2012


listening to all the first mixes together today.  it's been a long time coming for this project.  

best way to listen to first mixes?  in the car, driving down long, lazy roads.