Aug 10, 2016


It's been a few years since the floodgates have really been opened for words & music.  I released Royalty in 2012 after a several years of writing, preproduction, recording, re-pre-production, and re-recording.  I'm really thankful for those experiences.  Things that feel like running in circles are really tilling up good soil; things that feel like steps back have a way of taking you forward, truly, if you just keep going.

Royalty was well received, better than I anticipated.  I was just so excited to have created something I felt was honest to me and that had great instrumentation and sound quality (thank you again, you know who you are) - I didn't have many expectations.  I was just happy to have created.  I felt the fear and did it anyway.

In 2012 I got married, which comes with an onslaught of life changes, new jobs, creating routine, learning/sharing roles when life goes from "for one" to "for two", and building home.  Then we decided, after lots of praying, to take down home, quit jobs, and travel for several months at a time (ministry school, volunteer opportunities) through 2014-2015.  We lived with family and worked some in the in-between months.  I would not trade those experiences for anything. 

The last four years I have written a lot personally (journal), but no music.  So much was in a constant state of change and adjustment, perhaps that took up most of my creative channels.  Sometimes I would cry, thinking I wasn't really a legitimate maker of anything;  other times I would hear a gentle voice assuring that it would come again in its own time, like it always has.  To not rush or force it.

We have settled back down in the states/home, and words have finally decided to come up and out along with some sound.  Where writing words has always been my way of sorting out my thoughts and emotions, music has been a therapy.  It is fun and simple and makes no sense, yet has some kind of order that makes it beautiful.

Some helpful prep work/propelling in the process--

  • Reading "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Voice lessons with Joyce, voice coach of my high school career (hello full circle)
  • Reading poetry (so far I've gone through Cummings, Whitman, Frost and Longfellow)
  • Reading writer's autobiographies (Lewis, Welty)
  • Caffeine