Jan 4, 2016


For me, there is no time in which lack of making music is actually not making music.

I am constantly inputting.  Input returns output.

I am so excited to write more and create some in 2016.  Once we returned from Israel, I felt I needed to input a lot more of what I'm naturally curious about and interested in.  To check out poetry anthologies from the library, go on walks, and read books that I'm actually interested in, not books I should be interested in.

The last few years have been a becoming and a maturing, a losing and a gaining.  Walking away from the shoulds and stepping into what is.  Going on grand adventures and clearing up what I actually want out of this life.  What to let go of and what to hold onto.

There is so much more to gain when we let go of things. 

I also looked up the Myers Briggs Harry Potter characters, and I'm a Remis Lupin, so, there's that too.

Note to self:  a great article on a book I'm excited to read in 2016, Wired to Create:  Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind