Sep 16, 2015

being a listener (or, breaking silence)

being a listener (or, breaking silence)


Projects & products don't make musicians.


Be a listener

for your life

your art

for your life to be enjoyed full

for sounds to feelings, and concrete skyscrapers.

Even the birds have bread.

To be a creator you must be a listener.


Don't force it.

Gathering up true life, the unglamorous and unprompted and uncurated,

finding the fray of self and others.

This does not make an illegitimate musician

but an all the more genuine person, artist, and song crafter.

We don't have to treat songs like the American Dream.


No artist has ever been measured solely by the number of works created.


I'm coming to terms with the whole idea of a project.

What's the point?  My name, my face?  To share?

To be happy?  To create?

To do a new thing?

My goal, I think, is to write music I'd like to listen to -

this includes on a bus, on a road trip, or while running through the woods -

and to set a table for heaven and earth to meet.


I'll see you there soon,